Innovating typically involves both technological progress and organizational dynamics, to drive and/or respond to market disruptions.

The Trito Innovation Colab is a reconnaisance unit that explores the unfamiliar terrain of technological and organizational changes ahead for an innovation initiative. We can help establish a beachhead from which innovation can take root. Contouring the field as a landing eases innovating through leading by example, building the momentum towards a breakthrough at greater scale and scope.

We federate with project teams on innovation initiatives, to (i) set new directions, (ii) design new experiences, and (iii) pilot new information technologies. Our approach incorporates:

On-the-ground teaming

We lead, advise, perform and train on business transformation, experience design and pilot web applications for enterprise-scale evolution from a systems approach.

Technology-enabled methods

We apply work-produced-based methods to communicate and coordinate on agile development and rapid delivery with distributed teams, using web and cloud-enabled platforms.

Open theory-building

We actively participate in international symposiums bridging practitioners and academics, on intelligence augmentation, service science, generative pattern language, systems thinking and design thinking.

The Trito team aims extend a partner project team seamlessly, surfacing blind spots, wayfaring towards easy wins and away from pitfalls, in the process of producing tangible outputs.


Trito Collaborating


We bring hands-on capabilities complemented by critical thinking to ensure we're doing "the right thing righter". We are doers as well as thinkers.

Quality that unfolds over time:
Designing not just for today, but for sustainability through the test of time.
Envisioning, realizing and elaborating:
Recognizing programs within contexts of larger portfolios and longer horizons, for the sake of purposes beyond the immediate project.
Issue-seeking, as well as problem-solving:
Resolving upstream architectural decisions on issues worth greater attention, that shape tactial design choices further downstream.

Trito Innovating


We are mindful of the design thinking prescription for creativity through divergence and synthesis, in balance with production through convergence and analysis.

Attention while wayfaring:
Watching out for shifts and nuances on the journey, ensuring affordances are available on path towards a destination.
Enskilling, equipping and legitimating:
Ensuring people are prepared with expectations, armed with resources and plans, and acknowledging individual contributions towards collective progress.
Transition to new practices:
Getting early adopters comfortable in a future that is already there, just not evenly distributed for everyone.

Trito Researching


We apply foresight and expert judgement to choose the most robust paths for the future.

Anticipatory appreciating:
Getting a grip on the impact of current events on our immediate future.
Judging reality, value and instrumentality:
Discerning facts from noise, the value in possible scenarios, and our ability to influence immediate futures.
Regulating action:
Setting policies that govern tomorrow's world, while living in the present